Springer, NM Assistance Programs

Below we the Springer assistance programs.

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> Food Assistance. ie. pantries, soup kitchens

Assistance Programs In Springer, NM

Springer, NM Food Assistance

Our list of food assistance programs includes: food pantries, soup kitchens, congregate meal programs in Colfax County.

Colfax County Senior Citizens, Inc. - Springer Senior Center

600 Maxwell Avenue
Springer, NM - 87747
Mission: To provide social and nutritional services to seniors in communities affiliated with Colfax County Senior Citizens, Inc. in accordance with the priorities of the 1965 Americans of Age Act. Active participation in those activities and services that will allow the Seniors in their homes to live with dignity and respect for as long as possible. Providing services in the home sector as well as social services, including food services, transport services, housework, and tasks, as well as leisure activities. The Corporation's goal is to provide the utmost care for the elderly of Colfax County. ..

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Government and Local Assistance Programs

Housing Assistance

There are many non-profit and government based organizations dedicated to providing low income housing and support. We find them for you.

Food Pantry Assistance

Food pantries, soup kitchens, food baskets. We find these local resources and list them.

Free clothing assistance

Thousands of churches and religious organizations offer low-cost or free drug and alcohol treatment as part of their missions.

Financial Assistance

There are many financial assistance programs such as TANF Cash Assistance and other bill pay resources. We help uncover those for you.